We love big dogs!

Feel free to send us stories about your large-breed dog or your favorite pictures. We understand that dogs bring something special into the lives of their owners -- and big dogs can bring even more!

Often the most gentle and loyal, large dogs are easy to love and offer unconditional love to their owners. The webmasters here at BiggerDogs.com are owners of several different large breed dogs. We understand the many advantages (and the few disadvantages) of owning a dog of substantial size.

These breeds can present unique health problems (such as bloat and hip dysplasia), as well as special needs for feeding and boarding accomodations. But those issues are easily overshadowed by the years of wonderful companionship and sincere devotion offered by a big ol' loveable dog.

So sit back (hopefully with your best friend nuzzling your feet) and enjoy BiggerDogs.com.

Send your email and photos to us: info@biggerdogs.com!